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500 Lovemaking TipsDo you want to learn passionate lovemaking tips and techniques to improve your sexual life with your partner? Michael Webb’s 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets guide claims to have the answer to improve your sex life. The book is what the name suggests; it contains 500 lovemaking tips inside. These tips pertain to what people must do with their partners when they are in the process of lovemaking so that not only do they make the partner feel on top of the world, but they also satisfy themselves with the act.

500 Lovemaking Tips is an eBook packed with exciting ways to boost your sex life. It’s author is Michael Webb, one of the nation’s top experts on relationship matters. He is the author of many other books on love and romance like “The Romantic’s Guide”, “Lick by Lick”, “Dirty Talk Secrets”, “Sex All Around the House”, and many more.

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For a credibility boost, he has been featured in Fox News, BBC News, NBC News, ABC News, the Chicago Tribune, Men’s Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, and many other TV shows and print.

Who is this guide for?

This guide can work for you if you fall into one of these categories:
– Your husband or wife has lost their sex drive and it’s ruining your relationship. These tips can get the excitement back into your sex life.
– Your sex life has fallen into a routine and you want to spice it up a bit. This can become like it was when you first started to have sex: exciting and new.
– You are a practicing Christian and you’re looking for a guide which deals with sex but isn’t degrading, demeaning, or perverted, and has even been recommended by a pastor.
– You’re about to have sex for the first time with a new partner and wish it to be perfect.

A great feature which I liked about this book is that it’s not only catered for women but also for men, therefore showing equal importance of sexual please for both you and your partner. I don’t think you could be disappointed when reading this book, as it will surely make you a seasoned love maker! Remember when reading this book dont hide it from your partner share it with him, so you both can have fun with it. All in all, I found it very enjoyable to read and use :) So if you want to make your lovemaking exciting again or even if you just want some tips for more pleasure, then I highly recommend this manual for you.

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