A Book Of Al Thatcher Card Magic (After Hours Magic)

Al Thatcher Card MagicAfter Hours Magic by Al Thatcher is great eBook – it contains 86 card tricks, mostly on intermediate level. 73 of the tricks were created by a relatively unknown magician by the name of Al Thatcher (71 in the main book and 2 bonus tricks in the addendum). 13 tricks are from the fertile minds of more recognizable names in magic. The routines established in this book use subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertainment card effects that anyone can practice. The book is likely to make you a pro in grabbing ordinary or even borrowed deck of cards and amaze your spectators with incredible card established effects.

About the Author: Gordon became interested in card magic in December, 1980, when he found “Scarne’s Card Tricks Book” in a book store in Bradenton, Florida. He attended his first Magi Fest Convention the following February where he was introduced to close-up magic for the first time. Soon after he attended a Ring 7 meeting as a guest and there met Del Copley and Al Thatcher who would become his mentors. He became a FFFF™ attendee in 1985 and has never missed a convention. Strictly a hobbyist, he loves to read and practice, but limits his performances to late night sessions at conventions with other magicians and a few family get-togethers.

This book is intended for intermediate and advanced magicians. Beginner magicians can of course also benefit from this book but they will need to spend more time practicing card sleights needed in order to perform described card magic tricks. The most difficult sleight would probably be an overhand stock shuffle or the “Elmsley Count”–pretty basic indeed. If you like effects that use the “breather crimp,” you will be pleased with what you find in these pages. Al liked creating effects that used the “breather” and there are many such effects in this book. There are several difficult to implement effects but the reality of the matter is that if you take your time to study each of them, you can end up being a pro magician. In short, it is a book that will satisfy the most discerning magician and provide him/her with several effects that are worth many times the price of the book. If you’re interested, you can find this book HERE.

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