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Alive After The Fall
The author of Alive After The Fall Program is Alexander Cain. He is a professor of theology in one of the leading universities in Arkansas and has a doctorate degree in ancient history and archeology. He has been studying biblical scriptures and cryptic texts for over 17 years. Years of research led to the creation of this program that is aimed at helping Christians and patriots survive the third World War (WW3). He believes that the world as we know it will end in January 2017 and says that a conflict between the U.S. and Russia will lead to the use of an EMP weapon. This kind of weapon can destroy every electronic device in range and it would make it impossible to use electronic devices and electricity, creating a chaotic situation that everyone must be prepared for. This book will interpret you the brand new truth on how our very own religious and political leaders are hiding much earth shaking information from us. Moreover, it will catastrophically enlighten you with how USA –Russia relations could possibly end up. It reveals in shocking detail events occurring in the real world today connected to biblical prophecies. This book connects real life occurrences with biblical prophecies from ancient times.

The Alive After the Fall is a broad aide which incorporates all you ought to understand amid the last days and in addition the procedures that can permit you to keep solid and alive amid those days. This program helps you, your family and loved ones to survive from some other calamities and disasters This practical book will guide you how to quickly and effortlessly assemble a device that will shield all your electronics from EMP attacks without spending thousands of dollars on products. In his book he will teach you how to survive upcoming disasters. Book is easy to follow step by step survival guide. This report talks about 5 common myths regarding nuclear attack and how to get over the myths in order to survive the darkest hour. This entails being prepared psychologically, maintaining focus during the attack, protecting yourself from radiation, and also safeguarding your property from looters. It teaches you inconceivable systems minimize presentation to EMP amid an atomic strike and to fight off radiation disorder. You are going to also learn how to identify a protected locale to protect your shelter from any pillagers. You are going to also learn the way to assemble your vehicle into an auto motor circuit soon after the EMP strike. It’ll permit you to find sustenance things and clean water from the ones which have been defiled. The aide additionally shows direct fast fixes you could use to transform your home into an atomic asylum with just utilizing regular family unit substances. It teaches survival techniques as it reveals why each family needs to be prepared for completion of days. The best ways to keep medication and food from spoiling with no power supply, when money is done away with, food and medication will become powerful trading tools, it will give you tips to stockpile food properly.

Moreover the above positive aspects, this guide arrives with two more reports which are presented like a reward. These are: Biochemical Assault Survival, Surviving the subsequent Nuclear Attack. Alive after the fall is a practical guide filled with useful information, tips and tricks that every person should consider, not just a survivalist. The Alive After The Fall guide will help keep you, your family and closest friends safe during the end times, this publication contains productive and practical strategies that can safeguard you from all of the risks. This book connects real life occurrences, so we strongly recommend this survival guide.

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