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Brain Training for DogsBrain Training For Dogs is an online training program for your dog created by Adrienne Farricelli, this online program relies on mental stimulation to help your pets change their behavior. With brain training the goal is to encourage your dog to think creatively, problem solve, and have fun. This course eliminates aggressive behavior and makes your pet more responsive to your commands with the right mental stimulation and instruction. The program claims that it focuses on making your pets more receptive by working on the neuroplasticity in the brain. We discovered that this program is actually driven by science and doesn’t come from someone who doesn’t have enough experience in training pets. This program for dogs solves all the issues and follows your command at all the time.

This course also covers hyperactivity, impulse control,and excessive barking problems, among many others. It involves schooling your dog through a series of professionally crafted games for improving their obedience and behavior. The games are divided into various levels using a school setup – for example you start at Pre-School then move up to Elementary, then High School and so on so forth, until they reach Graduation and finally the Einstein level! The idea is to gradually increase your dog’s mental aptitude and build their confidence. Various brain training techniques improve communication between you and your beloved pooch and increase his trust in you. This will make your relationship stronger than before, and even more beneficial for you. It shows you exactly how training is perfected using simple tactics to increase obedience, finds the demystifying truth behind manual signals, and encourages the level of obedience by throwing out continuous rewards.

Faricelli’s method is always central to positive reinforcement with rewards during training. Using a positive reinforcement-based training program like Brain Training for Dogs will offer you a much higher level of success and if you stick with it, works every time. According to her, it boosts the canine-human bond and sets your dog up for success. Her style is also suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike, as well as senior pooches! The core of the training program is designed using a series of puzzles and games for your dog to figure out. The course is progressive and because of this your dog will go to a learning curve, but it’s not a race, it develops your dog’s mental skills and agility. Brain Training For Dogs will create loving, obedient pets where it also provides you with a huge library of information on how to change the specific behavior of the problem. The science behind all the techniques to improve a dog’s intelligence to begin erasing bad behavior and turning it into an obedient and loving pet by reprogramming the dog’s brain to open its mind wide and learn new information.

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