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Brain Training for DogsBrain Training For Dogs is a training program based on positive reinforcement over punishment. The Brain Training for Dogs program is created by Adrienne Faricelli. She’s a certified professional dog expert for 10 years. In this program, Adrienne shares how dog owners can eliminate negative behavior by stimulating the minds of their dogs and utilizing the pet’s intelligence. It covers almost EVERY behavior problem imaginable as well as how to fix them in easy to follow sections. It’s an innovative program that uses playtime and command recall to raise a disciplined and well-mannered dog.

It teaches you how to address every behavioural problem you can think of, and how to teach everything from basic obedience to mind-blowing tricks. Brain Training For Dogs is going to teach your dog how to be well behaved, and more importantly, happily well behaved. They’ll be showing good behavior, not because they’re scared, but because they associate good behavior with rewards. Brain Training 4 Dogs uses a set of 21 exciting games for your dogs, as well as the 5-course modules that are taught as a series leading you from easiest to advanced training. This is all planned out in the form of conventional education. Moreover, the goal of this program is to dampen negative behavior and make your dog smarter. At the end of the program, your pooch should more of a problem solver, more active, and more disciplined than before you start the training. Inside the program, you will also access exclusive case studies and you can also ask Adrienne questions about the training. This will serve as your guide while training your dog.

The games are divided into various levels using a school setup – for example you start at Pre-School then move up to Elementary, then High School and so on so forth, until they reach Graduation and finally the Einstein level! There are challenges at the end of each section where your dog can earn a grade from A to F. The idea is to gradually increase your dog’s mental aptitude and build their confidence. All dogs can earn an A grade, but some may need a little more time than others. It can be used by anyone and for any dog, regardless of their age, behavioural problems, breed, obedience, and unique personality. When you sign up to the Brain Training for Dogs, you’ll gain access to its huge repository of training resources including its precious and ladderized program. It’s priced at $47 which is extremely reasonable for the sheer amount of content you get. And if for any reason you’re not happy with it, it also has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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