Children Learning Reading Program Review (PDF): SCAM or LEGIT?

Children Learning ReadingChildren Learning Reading is an online program that uses a proven formula to teach children how to read to their level and beyond. It’s used by over 78,000 parents who wanted to provide their child with the foundation needed for reading success. This is a full system developed by Jim Yang as he taught his own kids to read. Jim recommends that parents start their reading program around 2.5 years old as that’s the time the kid is able to speak more clearly. If your younger toddler has more advanced speech development, you can start your child earlier. The teaching method used is phonemic awareness and has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to teach kids how to read. According to numerous studies, ensuring that your child develops learning skills early will help your child grow in self-confidence. They are also far more likely to boast of improved attention spans and higher concentration levels. With this in mind, the child will be able to have early success in their academics and enjoy learning and developing new skills as well.

Great introduction in the main e-book that clearly discusses the importance and benefits of early reading, and the steps involved in helping your child to learn reading. Program extensively teaches and helps your child to develop phonics and phonemic awareness skills. Phonemic awareness helps children learn how to interpret and read written and printed text quickly. Stage one, which is spread out into 28 lessons, is structured in such a way that helps build the basic foundations of reading. Stage 1 focuses on phonemic awareness and building a solid foundation to develop fluent reading skills while Step 2 contains more advanced lessons like focusing on letter combinations(digraphs) to help build upon the foundation that was developed in Stage 1. Stage two builds on top of the newly acquired reading skills developed during stage one. Spread out into 22 comprehensively developed lessons, stage two works on introducing letter combinations. It also features a number of further advanced rhymes, words and letters. The fact that it’s simple, easy to follow and broken down into steps, makes it incredibly effective.

The lessons have a lot of appeals. It is enjoyable for the kids because they want to learn visually. With a combination of stories, rhymes, and pictures, learning becomes very exciting. The approach in this course is scientifically proven, and kids will be capable of generating sounds from words within no time. Another factor that makes this program recommendable, is that it does not encourage memorization. Where most educational systems encourage and stress on memorizing important facts, this program stresses more on understanding facts. This type of learning lays the foundation for successful, lifelong reading. Understanding why letters sound the way they do means that even as an adult, when they encounter a word they don’t know, they can sound it out quicker. This constructive program is developed specifically for parents having children between 2 to 6 years old. This valuable learning reading guide contains many simple and easy- to follow steps, training videos, worksheets, audios, and much more! Your child will enjoy his whole learning and reading duration.

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