Clayton Max’s Infatuation Scripts Review: Is It Worth It?

Infatuation ScriptsInfatuation Scripts by Clayton Max is a program designed for women to make men fall in love by using certain phrases called the “infatuation scripts”. In essence, it includes everything you need to begin understanding the male brain. This is a system that has all the things you need to build a relationship that truly works with a man – and lasts. The guide covers everything there is to know about the mind of men. In essence, you’ll learn about all the points that make them feel fulfilled in a relationship. Clayton Max is a social psychologist who has coached men and women for more than a decade. He has been instrumental in improving relationships among many of them. The theory that author Clayton Max based this program on is what he calls the infatuation instinct.

The guide covers everything there is to learn about the mind of men. In essence, you’ll find out about all the points that make them feel satisfied in a relationship. How to use that in your favor. You also have the 3 most important ingredients: curiosity, investment and uncertainty. Most women only use these three basic techniques and get positive results – they get the man they love to commit. The program comes with a variety of example scripts for you to choose from for different scenarios, so you can easily see what to say without changing who you are or what you want. You are simply learning how to readjust your responses and what to say to have the effect you want. The program can also help you get back together with a man you’ve broken up with.

Everything is broken down into step-by-step sections, complete with script examples, definitions, scenarios and more. There’s even a review at the end of each section that recaps what you’ve learned, which is great for referencing back to as needed. Second advantage from Infatuation Scripts program is that it works on any type of man. Also, it works whether you are skinny, fat, poor, rich or average looking. In addition to Infatuation Scripts, you also receive three exclusive bonuses that coincide with your goal of getting any man you want. These bonuses are: Bonus #1: The Commitment Calculator. Bonus #2: Make Any Man Yours for Life. Bonus #3: Why Men Shut Women Out. All the scripts in the program is applicable to everyone. Overall, the Infatuation Scripts program is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a healthy relationship with the person you love.

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