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Panic AwayJoe Barry McDonagh’s approach doesn’t rely on any type of medication or classic techniques, such as deep breathing or using positive affirmations. What he suggests in his eBook Panic Away is completely natural and works really quickly (most people will be able to get rid of their panic attacks in a matter of minutes). The founder of Panic Away, Barry McDonagh, states that his mission is to reach out to 1 million people who suffer from anxiety by the end of 2016, because in his very own words, “The results we see are incredible. People don’t write to say ‘thanks it helped it bit’, they write to say how the program has completely transformed their lives for the better.” “Panic Away is a useful, innovative and insightful technique to take charge and eliminate panic,” says Dr. Dahila Keen. “Its clever and empowering short handed phrases enable a person to detach from their anxiety and challenge it full force. Indeed this can be the “First-Aid” kit for anxiety. I would definitely recommend it to my patients.”

He is using the so-called One Move technique which will help sufferers to stop fearing their panic attacks – immediately. Once they stop being afraid of having an anxiety attack, this will break the cycle. Even though the approach used in Panic Away may sound too simplified to work, it is in fact a result of 10 years of research and has been proven to work again and again. In Panic Away users will learn what anxiety really is, and why it occurs in their life. This way they can have better control of the things that cause it, and they will be able to face it head on once it comes. They will also learn how to deal with the negative thoughts and feelings that come with anxiety, so that they will not feel hopeless and helpless whenever it strikes. To help sufferers further, they will learn how to boost theirs self-esteem, and how they can get rid of obsessions and rituals. Once they master all of these techniques, sufferers will finally be able to turn anxiety into an advantage.

The Panic Away approach has been proven to treat panic attacks with a very unique approach as well as helping you treat the general anxiety which is incredibly important. This is of real interest as many people rely on medication to help stop the anxiety. For those who are unsure about the symptoms of a panic attack, will find the information included on the site helpful and comforting. The website offers plenty of encouragement and hope to those who are suffering, including plenty of success stories from real people who have successfully overcome their anxiety and panic using this powerful approach. Panic Away even offers a children’s version of the program that parents can use to work with their kids who suffer panic disorders and anxiety through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises. Important because the British Journal of Psychiatry in December 2013 reports: “Childhood anxiety disorders are common, affecting 5-10% of children.”

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