Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start Reviews: Does it Work?

Reading Head StartThe Reading Head Start program is a scientifically proven and simple to follow program that is created by an English teacher named as Sara Shepard with more than 14 years of teaching experience. This program is guaranteed to work for children as young as two years old easily. It is designed to make them get excited and interested about reading while establishing their linguistic skills as well as their communication skills. In all around the world, the massive children using this Reading Head Start and getting amazing grades on the report cards. By using this system, your 18-month child can read better than five years old in just 30 days. When you decide to use the Reading Head Start Program all you need is around 15 minutes a day for around 3 days a week.

The Program is a Comprehensive 40-Week Program and that is divided into 4 different levels, each with different difficulty. Sarah Shepard, the program’s creator, promises your kid will be reading in just a few minutes after implementing her method. For parents who want quick results, this is definitely a pro. Your kids can start from the bottom and can work their way up, gaining knowledge while doing so. Each level contains reading text, videos, exercises, interactive activities, and workbooks along with worksheets. Upon the completion of a level, your child is awarded a certificate of appreciation. The lessons are designed in a highly interactive way so that your children will start learning things so fast and easily. You will need to spare 15 minutes a day and three days a week for your children to help them develop reading skills. The total progression of this program is 40 weeks, which is a little over 9 months.

Furthermore, new material and worksheets are added on an everyday basis, that keeps you and your child updated and engaged with new stuff. On purchase of any of the plans, along with the Reading Head Start PDF, you will also receive free bonus items like wordbooks which encourage your child to read more than the lessons. It can be easily incorporated into your child’s routine. It is a program that is equally important and assistive for kids, teachers, and parents as it provides insightful learnings essential to inculcate communication and social skills in children. The program claims to work for children of any age even if they have absolutely no interest in reading books. It also has been proven to prevent and reverse Dyslexia. Most importantly, it boosts their self-esteem that they can successfully learn how to read fluently. Self-confidence is a big deal, especially in early childhood education. Kids must know their self-worth and gain confidence in things they learn. Otherwise, they will likely face education problems in the future. Now, the program is already award winning, scientifically verified and parent-approved. You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out for yourself, risk-free.

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