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Secret Death TouchesSecret Death Touches is a self-defense program that was created by Robert Lawrence, a former U.S. marine. As the name recommends, Secret Death Touches Program is a guide with 12 easy, but deathly relocates the martial arts that can in fact kill a person if used with proper pressure and force. It has been specially designed to protect you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. The manufacturer has created this guide as a resource to help people deal with unpleasant circumstances that occur anytime in their lives. This program provides excellent results if it is done correctly. Secret Death Touches program helps to stay safely in the growing world of crime. You can learn how to disable an attacker and deal damage regardless of whether the criminal is armed or not. The martial arts movements in the guide are really very easy and they only need to place their fingers exactly at particular parts of the body.

This whole program is based around Acupuncture, which is Chinese art. It is focused entirely on different stress points present in our bodies. Every human being has several weak points in his body, which makes them very vulnerable. In the treatment of maintaining good health, the practitioner inserts thin needles at particular pressure points on the body during acupuncture. In the case of death touches, the concept is still the same, but instead of encouraging good health, it works with little force at certain pressure points around the main organs of the body. It helps to find out how to bring down any attacker within a few seconds merely by utilizing your fingers. It consists of one of the ancient ‘One Touch’ methods that can completely disable a person within a second. The theory includes a tip on what to prevent while facing an armed aggressor.

There are a lot of self-defense techniques and tips present in this guide. They make you understand why you should not use your fists in a fight but instead use your mind to take out your opponent quickly. There are one-touch techniques that can help you deal with an attacker no matter their size only in a couple of seconds. Secret Death Touches book appropriates for anybody and everybody who wishes to learn it, regardless of their age, gender, height, and weight. You can find out self-defense strategies from this pdf even with no anticipation of martial arts or acupuncture. Suppose you are looking for a guide to help you learn martial arts techniques. If that is the case, Secret Death Touches is the right pick. The program has 12 unique methods that have been tested and worked. Purchase the tool today to explore all these methodologies for your self-defense in the streets.

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