Spec Ops Shooting Review – Spec Ops Shooting Brian Morris Scam

Spec Ops ShootingThe Spec Ops Shooting guide is a comprehensive and extremely well laid out step by step tactical and shooting guide. The techniques included in the book have been built around the body’s natural reflex movements. Written by Brian Morris, the four set of Spec Ops Shooting books feature the latest and the most widely practiced defensive measures and programs. Brian is a retired US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant with more than two decades of military and combat experience. Alec claims that you’d be able to double or triple your shooting accuracy and markedly increase your survival chances after going through this course. Their website claims that this training program has only previously been available to special operations troops like the US Green Berets, Navy SEALS, or the Israeli Defense Force.

Based on this experience, Morris provides his readers with access to the Instinct Combat Shooting technique, or ICS method. Instinct Combat Shooting (ICS) – This method was designed work with your body’s natural “survival-mode,” which occurs when you are under a threat. Most people have experienced this mode before, when their adrenaline and heart rate skyrocket, making it difficult to control the small movements of the hands and fingers. Setback Translation Technique – This technique will teach you how to turn setbacks such as blurry peripheral vision into advantages. Those advantages will help you improve your shooting accuracy. It is developed around your body’s natural reflex movements you’ll actually be able to learn in a few short days. Once you’re engaged in a shoot out it is easy to get distracted. This technique will teach you how to stay focused and stay on target until the threat is eliminated.

If you just follow its instructions and put it into action, there is no doubt that you will finally experience true peace of mind, trust, and security that come with knowing you can step up and protect your loved ones against any dangerous situations including home-invaders, looters, psychopaths, or any other criminal scum! This guide teaches you how to correct your current training methodology, asyour current shooting system is absolutely bogus and inaccurate. You are taught how to map your brain so that you can point and then shootyour weapon at the acquired target at warp speed. Brian teaches you the technique to utilize everyday activities to develop amindset that is in sync with a warrior mindset.There is a technique that is used only by Special Forces that helps youcounter a scenario wherein you are completely caught off guard in a shootingspree. This is called ‘keeping both lamps open’ technique.

A special terrorist planning cycle involving 7 different stages is also coveredin this program. This helps you understand the mindset of a terrorist. The expert defense programs also provide you with advanced knowledge of dealing with your enemies, and defend yourself or your near and dear ones, irrespective of any circumstance. Elaborated carefully in an easy to understand language, the shooting guide makes a great program to enhance your self defense against any potential harm to you and your family. The guide explains how to use your body’s brain programmed movements to master the shooting techniques as fast as possible. This website promises that the Spec Ops Shooting program will put anyone on the fast track to becoming a master marksman. You have two months to evaluate the Spec Ops Shooting course. If within that time you realize it didn’t meet your expectations, you can email Alec Deacon to get a full refund.

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