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The Ex Factor GuideThe Ex Factor Guide is a relationship program that provides a step-by-step guide to get your ex back. The program has an unique system and approach to getting back with your ex. It is important to know that there are two editions of the program – “Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!” and “Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back!” Brad Browning is a renowned relationship coach that specializes in breakups and divorces. He is the author of two best-selling online programs, with one of them being The Ex Factor Guide and the other one being Mend The Marriage. This is the ultimate product for someone who is a dating coach and a relationship advice columnist with years of experience. The Ex Factor Guide is incomparable to all other relationship guidebooks out there because of its unique substance. But this will happen only if your ex is still single. This is an efficient and effective guide to getting back the trust and the connection you lost with your partner. Brad Browning appears to have been hurt in the past, and he was sick of seeing people suffering from a broken heart. Working as both a relationship coach and expert, he knows what it takes to help those in need. He specifically wants to help those who lost someone they love, helping them see their own worth before winning them back. He is also a senior editor at, where he has written a number of articles about conflict resolution and breakups. He has a YouTube channel where he posts videos about relationship issues and breakup tips. With so much experience in the area, Brad is considered a guru when it comes to love and relationships and his writings are greatly respected in this sphere.

It is a strategic method for unleashing the covert, powerful ideas and innate characteristics of the human mind that will help you become exactly who your partner wants you to be and who he or she deserves. So, if you have that particular person whom you just can’t forget about or an ex about whom you strongly feel is “the one,” The Ex Factor Guide will surely help you out with this process. The Ex Factor Guide can help both men and women. The guide offers advice on how to customise the different strategies based on your gender, as well as your age and your relationship issues with your ex. The main guide of this product consists of 133 pages and is broken down into 13 chapters. The author is very experienced as a relationship counselor, so he can really help you to improve your relationship and move towards more healthy interactions. The author introduces to you the reason that you are alone. Though the reason of breakup might be rather numerous and varied, most of them are all related to the factor that your boyfriend has lost his attraction for you. It teaches you some basic tips that will make sure that you get your ex back. This includes a few tricks such as making them jealous and wanting to meet you again. You are also taught how to handle yourself in this scenario. The book shows you how to build up your self esteem so that you can counteract the feelings of worthlessness and rejection that come with a breakup. You are going to learn different attractive female qualities. The list introduced will help you find that what attractive characteristics you have and what not. Those characteristics can be femininity, social skills, having specific goals in life, and much more. You will be able to approach the situation in a calm and mature manner, rather than letting the breakup make you panic and act irrationally. With this guide the uphill battle will be much easier. You will learn so much about what’s expected of you in order to become an irresistible partner — all while enhancing your level of confidence and self-worth.

There’s also an audio version and a cool video course included in the price, plus two excellent bonus e-books that cover various topics not addressed in the main e-book. The videos can last for 17 minutes. The video is to simply the thing for you so that you can get your ex without failure if you really want to do that. As a comprehensive, overall guide, the Ex Factor Guide is more than just an ebook it is a complete system that has become the go-to guide for repairing a damaged relationship, so you will come back from it a stronger, closer couple than ever before. It is for anyone who wants to renew their relationship with their ex and give it another chance. The book will give you a step by step guide to making things happen with that special someone who got away, so that you can rejuvenate your love once more. If you truly love your ex and can’t live without them, then that person is worth the work, worth the wait and worth the investment. Brad Browning also offers the best money-back guarantee we’ve seen to date, guaranteeing that if his

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