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Product Name : The Ex Factor Guide

Product Author : Brad Browning

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Trustworthy: Yes. It’s legit.

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If you have been looking for the most effective program to cure your breaking up with your ex, The Ex Factor Guide is a really ideal program for you. According to Brad Browning, you should not focus on getting your ex back, but instead you should work on improving the relationship and creating a healthy environment. This will help your relationship become stronger and you will be able to get back with your ex and stay together instead of going through another painful breakup a few weeks or months later. This distinctive system is regarded as the most far-reaching and most proficient guide to getting your ex partner back. It comes with a very detailed instruction manual that covers all the things you need to know on how to win your ex back. In this guide, you will discover all amazing tips and useful techniques that you need to get your ex back quickly. The core of the program is a 125 page e-book, professionally written & presented in PDF format. There’s also an audio version and a cool video course also included in the price, plus two excellent bonus e-books that cover various topics not addressed in the main e-book.

Click here to visit Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide Official Website

Brad Browning is a licensed relationship counselor. He is well-known for his long years of experience dealing with couples and helping them mend whatever needs to be fixed in their relationship. What makes him worthy of trust is the fact that, in his eBook, he provides countless of one-of-a-kind relationship ideas which you cannot read elsewhere. The Ex Factor Guide is the only book in the market that makes it possible through tested and proven ways of How To Get My Ex Back. The attraction that brought the two of you at the beginning is usually still there and if handled with care as Brad puts it, the number of broken relations will reduce drastically. The philosophy helps you build a strong relationship as well as build on trust and romance so you not only get back together but hopefully get rid of the issues which made you break up. Brad Browning breaks down the steps into easy and simple to follow procedures that will help the user on what to do to get their ex back for good. Browning uses various skills for female and male users, since the things needed to be done are different. The breakdown of the steps involved for each gender shows that the author understands what he is doing. The guide is presented logically.

This program is the only one in its category to give hundreds of examples covering real-world experiences. The chapter deal with text messages and has a number of text messages that you can try sending to your own ex. The author also uses different skills for your and your ex back. The separation of steps related to each gender is a better assurance, which he understand what he is writing. This e-guide is laid out logically. It is a clear indication, which the author understand what he is talking about. The author also recommends you some sneaky psychological techniques, which have been critically tested and researched by many couples all around the world. His groundbreaking ideas are also unique and do not exist in any other similar materials. In actuality, this unique book covers almost all possible situations in relationships so you can be assured that this system can help you address the problems you’re currently encountering in your relationship. Not only that, this program also provides real-life instances on how to accurately apply the techniques which the author is trying to teach its users. Brad claims that more than 90% of all relationships could be salvaged. Presented in a user-friend structure, I believe that this product will help you get amazing result that you might not think about.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Attractive Characteristics

Chapter 3 – Unattractive Characteristics

Chapter 4 – Panic + Acceptance

Chapter 5 – Start With ‘No Contact’

Chapter 6 – Start Dating Other Men

Chapter 7 – What If He Contacts You?

Chapter 8 – What If He Doesn’t Contact You?

Chapter 9 – The “Date”

Chapter 10 – Seduce Him All Over Again

Chapter 11 – Sex!

Chapter 12 – Preventing Breakup

Chapter 13 – Desperation Tactics


Click here to visit Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide Official Website


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