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Product’s Name: The Single Girls’ Handbook

Release Date: 2014

Creators: Patti Stanger And David Wygant

Format Of Learning: Downloadable guide and audio files

Money-Back Guarantee Policy: 100% refund guarantee for 90 days

The Single Girl’s Handbook is an easy to follow guide designed to help single ladies find the type of a man who completely respects and loves them, in just a short time. According to the product creator, Single Girls’ Handbook can help frustrated & confused women to escape from their single status & join the world of happiness. The product contains an easy to follow guide which features over 3 hours of audio coaching. By learning this audio, you will know how to be an active participant in your own love life. To put in simple words, you have no longer to just sit and wait for a man to come and invite you to go out with him, but you will be able to actively look for a man and attract him to you.

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Patti Stanger is a celebrity amongst millionaires and has her own TV show on Bravo TV called The Millionaire Matchmaker. Dating expert, Patti Stanger, claims that in her handbook, you will discover subtle tactics for cozying-up to any type of man, make him love you single-mindedly and stay with you forever. Patti Stanger has huge experience and she has been dating coach for long years of experience, she has learnt the secrets of how to get the right man, keep that man and build a long lasting relationship. She pulled up her experience and wonderful knowledge into this eBook called Singles Girl’s Handbook which will help any woman to get the special type of man they want. Unlike other similar dating guides on the Internet, this Single Girls Handbook program includes definitely new approach to attracting Mr. Right you so desire in the exact way.

The Single Girls Handbook teaches women how to use their body language in a way to attract men, how to flirt with them in a way that he cannot resist and much more. The Guide Will Teach You How To Make Your Life More Proactive. If you really do not like the idea of being forever alone, then Patti Stanger and David Wygant strongly advise that you stop waiting for a Prince Charming to come sweep you off your feet and go ahead and find him instead. Patti shows you the 3 reasons why you’re alone, how to end the painful cycle of dead-end relationships and reveals her own personal How to Find and Keep ‘The One’, step-by-step formula. She shows you the exact steps to take to attract your perfect match, flip his ‘monogamy switch’ and not just make him fall in love with you…but make him so obsessed with you so HE begs YOU for a commitment.

Bonuses include an audio on how to become a fearless woman and how to develop a winning attitude. This audiobook is a no-brainer purchase for any single woman who is unhappy with her life and wants to start dating and finding a loving relationship. Get the entire Single Girls Handbook with over 3 hours of audio, plus two bonus offers “How To Become Fearless” and “Develop a Winning Attitude”. And as a special offer, if you sign up for her email list, she’ll give you her free new amazing video series “7 Massive Mistakes, Keeping You from the Man and Relationship of Your Dreams & What You Can Do Today to Find Love”. The Single Girls’ Handbook will get your love life in shape, giving you the courage and confidence to finally get the relationship you deserve. The key objective of the Single Girl’s Handbook is to help women change their perception of love. The guide elaborates how making an investment in your happiness now is the key to happiness in the long term. In this program, Patti is going to show you how to find a great man who worships and adores you, the love of your life. You will finally have that amazing relationship you have always dreamed of, your own happily ever after! According to most women who’ve read this guide, it is one of the most exceptional dating programs in the market. Within a short period of time, you will find yourself in the arms of the guy you always desired.

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