Unlock Her Legs Review – How Scrambler Method Works?

Unlock Her LegsUnlock Her Legs” is a motivational training program geared to take out the common mistakes that men make during and before dating. This program was developed based on Bobby Rio and Rob Judge’s principles of dating, sex, and relationship. They share some of the most effective techniques to satisfy your life with sex and love. The authors claim that their ideas and methods are easy to follow, straightforward, and foolproof. Bobby and Rob also disclosed that they used a special type of technique called The Scrambler in their book. The author promises the person who reads the book will have successful relationship with the women or hookup with them whenever desired. It also develops confidence in the guy who feel nervous and shy when interacting with gals.

The biggest advantage of The Scrambler Method is the fact that you get to achieve what you have been longing for. In the end, if you follow the program to the letter, she will easily fall to your charms and you can lead the relationship to wherever you want it to go. The program mainly revolves around an original method called “The scrambler”- a technique which makes the girl fall for the guy, this technique circles around “The Chase Reflex” – taking control of the relationship by making the girl chase the guy. The first part of the training guide has a 60 page manual called “scrambler manual” , unlike traditional e-books and dating guides this program features training videos and up to 2 hours of audio from Rob Judge and Bobby Rio where they teach and discuss “the scrambler”. The Scrambler technique is said to be built around a concept known as Chase Reflex. The idea behind it is to teach guys how to let the ladies chase him and not the other way round, which usually happens. This idea is carefully explained through 4 principles – uncertainty, power, validation, and anticipation. In order to get the female attention, guys are warned to create an air of mystery to arouse woman interest. Being submissive at the very start is another mistake committed by guys. Also never wait for girl’s validation, they should be the one who should wait for validation. The last step teaches how to create anticipation in women’s mind.

Usually guys chase the girls and give compliments and gifts basically to impress her. This is an old technique which the women find boring and monotonous. But the techniques and tips given in the book are totally different and will turn the tables around. It is amazing to watch as the women are totally into the trap and will want to have relationship with the guy. For guys who have a hard time getting the girl of their dreams, Unlock Her Legs can be an ultimate guide. It details techniques to avoid being “friend zoned” and a foolproof strategy of getting her to do what you want. Although not a quick fix solution, Unlock Her Legs gives you the know-how to act confidently. It guides you through the process of getting the results you want.

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