7 Minute Diet Book Review – 7 Minute Diet Scam?

7 Minute DietThe 7 Minute Diet is a new weight loss program co-authored by Jon Benson, creator of the well known Every Other Day Diet, and a well known nutrition expert. Jon Benson has written several best selling books on health and weight loss. His Every Other Day Diet is still a huge seller.  Jon is a graduate from MIT in Los Angeles, California and Abilene Christian University, degreed in Human Communications and Philosophical Studies. He is schooled in the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has studied nutrition at Dallas’ famous Cooper Clinic.

7 Minute Diet is based on Jon’s investigation for his M. Sc. in Nutritional Science. Jon says that there can be a 7 minute period each day which will either direct the physique to lose fat or store fat and that there are 21 switches or things that a person can do in the course of that 7 minute period which will trigger the body to burn fat from the bodies own stored fat rather than from temporary sources.

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As Jon explains it, our bodies typically get their energy from sources like caffeine, glycogen (stored sugar in the muscle) and straightforward sugars. These immediate sources of power will not lower our physique fat. If we trigger those 21 switches during that important 7 minute period our bodies will then use fat from our thighs, stomach, buttocks, and legs as its power source and we will begin to slim down.

The program teaches 21 “Fat Burning Switches” which can help you burn body fat fast. Each of these switches is a simple lifestyle modification or habit which you can adopt in your day to day routine almost immediately. Each of these switches takes seconds or a few minutes to do and their effect, according to the research on which the 7 Minute Diet is based, can be dramatic.

The 7 Minute Diet is a collection of 21 lifestyle habits which can help you either burn more calories, boost your metabolism, or reduce your consumption of calories by better appetite control. The strength of these tips is that the are all very simple, do not require a lot of work, and take very little time to apply. In addition, these tips can lead to a great saving in calories and help you achieve a greater calorie deficit with ease. This calorie deficit is what can help you lose weight fast.

The goal of the 7 Minute Diet is to help you make some simple adjustments to your lifestyle which can help you increase your metabolism, reduce appetite, improve your health, and help you to burn off body fat faster. Most of the 21 lifestyle habits involve simple nutritional tips that can help you to boost your metabolism and increase the rate in which you burn calories. Some of them even help you improve the internal hormonal balance in your body and improve fat burning. I believe that the 7 Minute Diet can help you burn body fat faster than before. However, it will only work if you also workout regularly.

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