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Anything Goes DietThe Anything Goes Diet is a weight loss program by John Barban, a nutrition specialist and researcher with experience as a personal trainer and a sports trainer. He holds a masters degree in human nutrition and has worked in the supplement industry for ten years. He is also the author of the Adonis Index Workout Systems.

The Anything Goes Diet (AGD) is a powerful diet plan for long term fat loss. Instead of having to give up your favorite foods you learn how to incorporate them into a successful fat loss program. John Barban addresses the underlying reasons why most diets fail and he then teaches you how to overcome them. After reading the book you will be prepared to swiftly diet down to your goal weight and body fat percentage without feeling miserable. This guide will also tell you to know what foods to eat. It will show you an exact format on how much food your body specifically needs to eat and lose both at the same time. As a matter of fact, it will also show you how to eat so that you will never feel hungry, but also, without feeling pressured to eat foods you don’t want to.

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The anything goes diet will provide you with all things below…

Variety: All foods (including pizza, ice cream and chocolate) can be part of the anything goes diet

Flexibility: You don’t have to rearrange your life to lose weight, this diet will fit into your schedule

Practicality: You’ll never have to eat special super foods or crazy cleanses or choke down bizarre food combinations

Simplicity: We don’t give you a long list of do’s and don’t’s, instead there are just a few simple principles to guide all of your eating decisions

Personalized: Working with your personal tastes and habits is what makes a diet work long term

What I love About The Anything Goes Diet Plan

- Just about anyone can use it to fit their lifestyle and lose weight in the process. I like its flexibility

- I like that the focus is weekly calories count instead of daily, so that if you do not do as well one day, you can make it up on the next.It is easier to maintain than if you had to do that on a daily basis.

- With the 365 day money back guarantee, there is no way that you are going to fail. You can always ask for – your money back if it does not work for you.

The Anything Goes Diet Pdf, as its name implies, is a program which offers you a lot more freedom than other diet plans do. John Barban takes a non-restrictive approach to weight loss. Basically, on this diet plan you can really eat anything you want. With easy to apply guidelines and a lot of common sense, the Anything Goes Diet shows how it’s possible to lose weight without going crazy, without depriving yourself silly, without starving yourself, and while enjoying good food. So if you are keen on losing weight or just want to change your eating lifestyle to a healthier one, or to maintain your already fit body, I suggest you to read John Barban’s Anything Goes Diet.

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