Body of Fire eBook Review – Body of Fire Scam

Body of FireThe Body of Fire program by Chad Waterbury is creating a lot of excitement recently, mostly due to the fact that Chad Waterbury is an acclaimed and well known fat loss and fitness expert. As such, his programs are always well received and are highly anticipated. The Body of F.I.R.E. program is no different as it has already received numerous positive testimonials from fitness experts and the men and women who’ve used it to lose fat themselves. 

Chad Waterbury is a known fitness expert who has written various muscle building and fitness related books and whose articles have appeared in numerous industry publications over the past few years. He is known as someone who helps men and women shed body fat quickly and improve their fitness level, strength, and appearance. This is a fitness plan which lasts for 12 weeks (and can be done over). You get a complete workout schedule and plan for each week comprising of 4 workouts each week for the duration of the program. In addition, you also get a detailed nutrition guide to help you eat the things that will help you gain lean muscle tissue and burn more body fat. 

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Following are some of the highlights of Chad’s program: 

• Training – consists of three, 4-week phases requiring 4 workouts per week. These workouts only take 30-45 minutes each. 

• Exercise guide- this contains 45 high-resolution photos of exercises. Chad goes into specific detail on how to perform each of the exercises as well as the proper form to achieve maximum results. 

• Nutrition guide – this is a very simple guide to help you, without counting calories, to determine exactly what you should eat and how much of it should be eaten in order to assist your body to achieve maximum fat burning results. This also contains a FAQ section at the end of the guide. 

• Shake Diet – this is an additional program that Chad offers, for a fee, for super fast fat loss at the beginning of his program. The shakes are extremely nutritious and you can make them yourself with ingredients you can buy at your local super market. No need for any expensive or unique ingredients. And, Chad promises you can lose up to 7 pounds of fat per week by following the shake diet. 

• Advanced Body of F.I.R.E. – this is an 8-week program designed for individuals that have completed the initial program and who are wanting to take their fitness to the next level. Chad has and continues to use this program with many pro athletes. 

Chad Waterbury has an excellent reputation as someone who helps men and women burn body fat and become fit so you should find his program very useful and be able to achieve excellent results. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, just in case you find that it’s not for you. 

I believe that this program can help you lose body fat fast as long as you’re willing to put in the required effort. This is a comprehensive and detailed program that should provide you with all the direction you need to lose body fat and get leaner and fitter.

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