Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Scam? – Honest Review

Burn The Fat Feed the MuscleBurn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto will suit anyone looking to lose weight or wanting to get in better shape. And It is designed for both men and women.

Although this book talks about muscles, it doesn’t mean that there are lots of extreme workouts involved. There will only be basic ones that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will still give you muscle results. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is also more of a nutrition book that helps you realize what kind of foods you will be eating that makes you lose weight and gain more muscles.

This weight loss program raises your awareness when it comes to the food that you will be eating. Not many people realize this but the kinds of food you eat play an important role when you want to lose weight. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle will teach you the right kinds to eat, the carbs you need to be aware of and when to eat them so you won’t find yourself starving but will rather feel satisfied.

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Diets included in this program will come with nutritional contents so you won’t be having a hard time figuring out how much fat, protein and carbohydrates you will be inducing in each meal. You also don’t need to worry about the food lists provided. These are all common yet healthy foods that can be found in your local grocery store.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle will help you control your cravings and will let you learn how to lead a healthy and natural life. If you were doing any form of cardio exercise before, you could continue dong it while participating on this weight loss program. This will help in developing your muscles more along with the exercises provided. Remember, you don’t need to go to the gym. With a few basic exercise equipment such as weights, you’re good to go. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle will not limit you to anything apart from the unhealthy stuff and you will find yourself enjoying this new experience.

When you access the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle website, you will have the opportunity to purchase this 337 page e-book for $39.95 along with numerous bonus e-books which include “How To Measure You Body Fat”, The A Food, B Food Lecture”, “Foods That Burn Fat”, and “Foods That Turn To Fat”. You could also take an extra step and purchase the double deluxe edition which also includes all of the original e-books along with “The Fat Burn Files” which is an e-book that has caused lot of controversy because it included interviews of the top fitness guru’s that tell exactly how to have a fit, healthy body without any kind of supplements, surgeries, patches, powders, or pills.

Overall, the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle plan is ideal if you’re willing to commit to working out. It is not a gimmicky, lose weight quick scheme, but a completely analyzed and thought out program. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is a superb, healthy choice for both weight reduction and fitness, and I strongly recommend it!

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