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Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is a diet plan that uses the core principles of intermittent fasting, fitness and eating regular food. It doesn’t tell you what to eat. It basically tells you when to eat. At its core, Eat Stop Eat explains the best way to use intermittent fasting to increase vitality and maintain muscle while losing weight. The main points of this program are to demonstrate that planned and integrated fasting can be really beneficial to the body in all sorts of ways. The creator of the program is Brad Pilon, a physical trainer and certified nutritionist. Pilon discovered that intermittent fasting is more effective in reducing weight than any other long term and strict dieting courses available today. The weight loss solution also comes with suggestions as to what type of workout routines are needed in order to build muscle mass and burn excess fat All these useful methods are supported by solid scientific research.

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It’s not really a diet so much as a lifestyle. That’s why you can maintain your weight loss for years to come. This program works by showing users how to spark their body’s resting metabolic rates, via healthy eating, alternated with fasting. It also shows users how to put on plenty of sexy and lean muscle as they burn off their unwanted fat deposits. Brad gives you his own unique take on how to fast intermittently. He gets into all the small details, so you always know what to do, while at the same time, backing it all up with scientific evidence. The program helps one to follow a short period of fasting which will be combined with weight training exercises as well. These types of procedures will definitely have a great positive effect on the body of the person, their metabolism as well as have a positive effect on their muscles.

Through this unique weight loss approach, you will be guided on how to cycle your carbs the proper way, learn how to manage your protein intake, explore more on how to sustain the habit of eating after three hours and also to master how to exactly compute your glycemic index. A successful and effective diet plan that has helped thousands of people around the world to shift unwanted pounds and keep them off, this plan is tried and tested, so you know that as long as you put the effort in, you will also get the results back out. Simple. Obesity in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. This is despite the fact that people spend millions of dollars every year on diets, exercise equipment, supplements, etc. – all in an effort to lose weight. I have fasted alot. And can wholeheartedly recommend it to all my readers. Eat Stop Eat happens to be the best thing to learn how to do it properly.

Brad goes into an extensive discussion and background into why short-term fasting will not hurt you in any way. It’s actually how our biology works best. Besides learning how to practice the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle, this book covers topics pertaining to intermittent fasting and metabolism, health, body composition, hormonal effects and much more. This method has already helped a lot of people to achieve a low-fat and lean figure without extensive meal planning and persistent calorie watching. Fasting for a day or two in a week triggers the production of testosterone and growth hormones while maintaining the right levels of insulin and cortisol. Your testosterone level will not decline. It is worthy to note that for a man or for a woman to maintain vigorous testosterone levels, it is very fundamental to lose excess fat.

Eat Stop Eat system will aid you on how to clearly distinguish the difference between being bored and eating and being hungry and eating. This system will also teach you regarding the latest information in muscle building and fasting. The Eat Stop Eat program is a highly effective program both for men and woman who sincerely want to lose that extra fat from their body. But if you have low blood pressure, are diabetic, pregnant or underweight, you should not follow the Eat Stop Eat program. This is an excellent fat burning program. If you need help or guidance in beginning an Intermittent Fasting program, I highly recommend Eat Stop Eat.

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