Eat Stop Eat Review – Eat Stop Eat Scam?

Eat Stop EatEat Stop Eat is a weight loss plan by nutritionist Brad Pilon, Eat Stop Eat teaches “intermittent fasting,” a technique of fasting for a 24 hour period 2 days a week while eating normally the other 5. This causes the body to burn off the excess fat, while not disrupting your normal metabolism. 

This weight loss book has already helped thousands of people lose weight because it is a simple and very effective program that it describes. The way Eat Stop Eat works is very simple and it also helps you from a morale point of view. You know how all those diets make you feel depressed and sad all the time. Well, Eat Stop Eat has a way of going around that and still make you lose weight at an increased pace. 

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This program works by making use of two key components: 

1) Intermittent Fasting

2) Weight Training Exercise Routines 

Eat Stop Eat is an eating plan based on intermittent fasting. What this means is that every week you fast for a single day. It’s not a complete fast. You can drink various fluids, but you avoid solid foods. This may seem a bit harsh but on the other days you get to eat a lot more freely than on other weight loss plans. You’re basically sacrificing one day for 6 days of freedom. This makes the Eat Stop Eat plan an easy to do and to stick to weight loss program. 

Even though you may think that fasting for even 1 day is terrible, know that you can quickly get used to it. The key is that you allow your body time to cleanse itself, create a calorie deficit, and even, according to Brad Pilon’s research, achieve a small boost in metabolism. All this helps you to shed pounds very fast

Intermittent fasting can actually help you detox your body and boost your metabolism, helping you not only to lose weight, but to purify your body and be healthier. 

Eat Stop Eat isn’t a scam. It’s a program which was created by a professional and based on years of extensive research and experience. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a solution for every single person. Like any other program on the face of the Earth, it will not work for some. However, it does provide results for many men and women. 

If the thought of going without food for 24 hours worries you, you’ll be relieved to know that this is actually a very healthy way of eating. It gives your digestive system a rest, and allows your body to repair itself. However if you have health problems or are feeding a baby, then this isn’t a diet program for you. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight quickly fasting, Eat Stop Eat is the best way to achieve results. There are no complicated meal plans to follow and no additional supplements to purchase. It even comes with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee, so you have no excuse to start losing those extra pounds! 

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