Eating For Energy – Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

Eating For EnergyYuri Elkaim’s Eating For Energy program is not you typical weight loss program. It is much more than that as its purpose is to help people change their lifestyle drastically, achieve a higher level of energy, reduce risk of diseases, and improve their wellbeing. Today, people consume more cooked foods than they did centuries ago. That means the foods we eat have fewer enzymes and nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. Eating For Energy will show you how to change your way of eating so you can slow down the aging process and live a disease-free life. You’ll also learn how to burn off fat, boost your energy doing easy daily tasks, how to improve your digestive health and much more. If you order you will definately get the eating for energy book, nutrition for athletes guide, 12 week meal plan, healthy recipe guide, smoothie juice guide, tele-class audio tracks plus more.

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However, this program is not perfect and it’s not right for everyone. What are the pros and cons of the Eating For Energy program?

Pros of the eating for energy diet are:

-Yuri Elkaim is known as an expert in nutrition and exercise, The program is extensive and detailed

-Promotes weight loss, better skin and more energy naturally

-Natural and holistic program

-Has many recipes that you can use to create tasty and healthy meals

-Educated and informed author

-No “Extra” supplements or products needed to buy

-Great for long term health

-Reviews of Eating For Energy are overall positive and encouraging

-It has a money back guarantee so your purchase is safe


-Going on a raw food diet like the Eating For Energy program requires a major lifestyle transition of you so you need to be prepared for it.

-Not right for meat eaters. This is a vegan plan so no meat is allowed.

-At times, this program tends to be a little bit over-detailed. There is no need for such lengthy explanations in my opinion

I believe that this program is worth reading and using even if it’s not for the rest of your life. You may find that this kind of eating plan actually suits you and that you enjoy it far more than you would have believed beforehand. Start today, eating for energy is all your body wants. It needs the “high octane” levels of fuel to ensure maximum performance at all times. From the moment you get up in the morning to the time your eyes close at night, your body must be in the best shape in can be both physically and mentally. Food for thought.

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