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Eating For EnergyThe Eating for Energy raw food diet is an extremely well-liked weight loss and healthy and balanced eating plan. The Ultimate Energy diet was developed by Yuri Elkaim, a seasoned nutritionist and ultimate energy diethealth expert. He developed this unique system just to improve his vitality levels. However, over time he observed that it’s the most natural and healthy way to eat and that you can easily lose weight on this method too. Yuri teaches us that the raw food meal plan essentially means a ‘low acid, high alkaline’ diet. The program is derived from century old techniques and it focuses on the advantages that you will bring upon your health and appearance by eating raw food (mostly plant based raw food). This program is designed for both women and men at any age, fitness or health level.

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The program is a complete diet and lifestyle program, which gives you over 120 quick and easy recipes to follow, as well as providing you with a complete blueprint for transforming your health and your life, you will learn the right and proper way to cook your food. But, it emphasizes that the best way for you to get the appropriate amount of energy is to eat your food raw. Yuri will tell you that eating raw foods will give you high amounts of energy in the quickest way possible. The book “Eating for Energy” outlines in more details the reasons why eating a hearty diet filled with raw vegetables, fresh fruits and a list of other forms of uncooked nuts and legumes can improve your body’s ability to burn off fat. By eating raw foods, you consume all the healthy nutrients like food enzymes, mineral and vitamins in their purest form.

The plan provides a unique way of harnessing nutrients in whole and fresh foods for better health. Eating For Energy program is more than just about calorie counting and losing weight; it is a healing guide that helps you replenish both on the inside and on the outside. You will get detailed explanations on plant based raw foods with the highest nutritional value, together with well balanced diet guidance. It is said in this book that raw foods have much better benefits than any other kinds of foods. Phytonutrients and enzymes are discussed in this book. The reason that the natural food enzymes are so important is that our bodies have only a limited ability to produce its own enzymes. Bear in mind that our bodies produce metabolic and digestive enzymes. The latter are used to breakdown foods whereas the former are essential to every single reaction in the body. But the problem is that we only produce a finite number. A raw food diet helps with this process. They are found in certain raw foods that can help a person prevent various diseases. Eating for Energy is not a diet. It’s a step-by-step food for energy program that helps you transition into a healthier way of eating by adding more raw living foods into your diet.

The next benefit of the book is that it helps one to understand common health misconceptions, which can lead to a healthier and stronger you. This does not mean that one has low immune system but it enlightens one on how to boost their immune system for optimum health. The ultimate energy diet allows anyone to eat for energy and maintain a healthy weight. When you eat for energy you will shed your unnecessary fat deposits and if you are overweight you will lose those extra pounds. You will also notice that your nails, skin and hair have improved in texture and appearance. The risk of developing many illnesses and health risks are significantly reduced, and in addition, your risk of certain diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, cancers and diabetes will be significantly reduced.

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