Fat Burning Furnace Review – Does It Work?

Fat Burning FurnaceWelcome to our Review of the Fat Burning Furnace Diet Plan. Fat Burning Furnace is designed for both men and women of any age, from
teenagers to senior citizens. The system doesn’t require daily calorie counting
or the purchase of expensive supplements or pills and is very simple to
understand and use right away. The author is Rob Poulos who is a celebrated fitness author, fat loss expert, and the founder and CEO of Zero to Hero Fitness of South Lyon, Michigan. He created this simple, yet revolutionary fat loss program after failing at over $23,000 worth of fad diet programs.

Fat Burning Furnace is written by Rob Poulos, who suffered as a child from obesity. Rob spent over 15 years designing, testing, and perfecting this lifestyle with his wife. Rob’s information has been well researched and his own results are impressive as are those of many of the people who’ve used the Fat Burning Furnace diet plan to lose weight. The diet program is easy to follow and really works.

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What Is Fat Burning Furnace?

Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss and fitness course designed to help you kick your metabolism into overdrive. The program combines exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle techniques to help you lose weight without feeling hungry, and to help get your metabolism working faster than it would normally otherwise.

The first part of the Fat Burning Furnace program: Exercise. Rob Poulos created a guide to lose weight called the Fat Burning Furnace System. The method is based on burning fat, and gaining lean muscle by raising the resting metabolic rate. Based on the concept of “burning”, the dieting method took its name for furnace burning of the stored fat.

Most of the Fat Burning Furnace ebook focuses on weight training intended to develop lean muscle tissue. The reason why this is so is that lean muscle tissue helps to burn more calories and fat. The main reason is that muscle tissue needs more calories in order to sustain itself, so if you add muscles, you will burn more calories even when you rest. About 65 pages of the FatBurningFurnace system ebook deals with exercises and includes pictures and detailed descriptions. I like this section since it explains things pretty clearly.

The second part of Fat Burning Furnace: Nutrition. The nutrition section of the ebook which is about 40 pages long details Rob
Poulos’s nutritional guidelines in order to reduce body fat and to maintain the
lean muscle tissue which the workout section showed you how to achieve. The
nutritional section deals with all nutrients: fats, protein, and carbs,
including fruits and vegetables and provides you with a complete picture.

With the Fat Burning Furnace program, you eat smarter, but you don’t go hungry.
The program breaks down what you should eat, as well as what you should avoid.
In fact, Poulos recommends that you eat small amounts frequently instead of
larger meals less frequently, so that you don’t get hungry and satisfy your
nutritional requirements. And when you satisfy your nutritional requirements,
according to Poulos, you’re not going to crave foods you shouldn’t have. Simple,
direct and to the point.

Is Fat burning Furnace a Scam?

When people buy anything online their first reaction tends to be “this looks like a scam”, but the Fat Burning Furnace is not a scam, it is sold via ClickBank which means that it has a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee as do all other ClickBank products. Fat Burning Furnace has been used by tens of thousands of people from many countries. Many of them have shared their experience online.  This is the best way to see whether Fat Burning Furnace really works or not.

Anyone who is in need of losing 10, 20, or more pounds of unwanted body fat, this program will help you achieve your goals by giving you the easy to follow tools. Having the creator being a past overweight person himself makes this a program that is put on a different level that many of the other programs out there. By obtaining the full 128 page fat burning ebook, and extra bonuses and tools to help lose that unwanted fat/flab, you will become the healthy and sexy body.

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