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Final Phase Fat LossThe author of Final Phase Fat Loss is John Romaniello who lost weight himself many years ago and now sports the epitome of muscle workout! Basically, each of the 4 workouts over the week are designed to get rid of some of the most stubborn fat and re-calibrate your internal hormone balance. These workouts are particularly effective in encouraging your metabolism to burn fat. However, a word of warning: these Final Phase Fat Loss workouts are designed for people who can cope with strength workouts: they are not for beginners to attempt. That said, there are 4 different types of workouts included in the Final Phase Fat Loss package.

According to John, if you would like to eliminate your final few pounds you need to combine various fat loss exercise training methods to assist the body to regularize your hormones that are enabling you to satisfy your objectives. You should seek a complete training scheme that contains dynamic training and density based training, but also lactic acid training and strength based training and naturally the correct dieting program. That’s what Final Phase Fat Loss offers!

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There are 4 types of workouts:

1. Lactic Acid Training: these types of workouts are done with slow tempos which really helps the body so much in producing a lot of lactic acid that is responsible in creating the growth hormones which decrease the cortisol effect that causes the enlargement of the belly or stomach fat.

2. Heavy Strength: these types of workouts helps a lot in maintaining the best muscle structure besides increasing your strength and developing a nice form although it does not target a specific muscle.

3. Density Training: These types of workouts are extremely difficult and challenging and very effective since you will be always trying to make more workouts density in compare to your last session. It helps so much in fighting the Estrogen hormone which is causes the fat storage on your man breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

4. Dynamic Training: This type of training is great in increasing the IGF-1 hormone production and I have to admit that they are really extreme hard movements but you will get great results.

It is really a six week workout plan in places you reach make workouts four times each week and each workout from the four works well for the interior hormone balance and getting gone certain hard fat. These work outs are strength workouts so it is not for novices. John Romaniello who is the writer of final phase fat loss has concentrated on the strength workouts because they are very effective during workouts and for its impact on energizing your metabolism to lose fat during the day even if resting.

One of the main things Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 revolves around is the concept of hormonal manipulation. John Romaniello claims that the body parts of your body which naturally store fat are determined, to an extent, by your hormones. To be able to shed fat from your trouble spots, you need to eat and to workout in a certain way to reduce the effect of these hormones and to eliminate fat in your problem spots.

This is an advanced technique and you need to be open to change the way your workout to incorporate these new training methods. Overall, FPFL 2.0 is a well crafted program with excellent workouts. The program comes highly recommended. However, it is only for people who want to burn off stubborn fat and are not afraid of the hard work involved.

Check out the Final Phase Fat Loss program right now


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