How To Lose Belly Fat Fast With The Best Diet and Exercises‏

Want to know the secret to belly fat exercises and how to lose your belly fat faster? Guess what it’s NOT doing thousands of sit ups and countless hours of boring cardio. The real secret is a combination of more weights training at a more intense pace that makes you sweat and the right eating plan to aid your recovery and help you scorch that abdominal fat faster.

The secret to Weights training!

Performing exercises that utilize bigger muscles and recruit all the smaller muscles around to help you perform the exercise will help you burn the fat quicker. Do exercises such as bench press, push ups, pull ups, lat pull downs, seated rows, squats and lunges, which all do an excellent job in giving you an overall body workout, rather than just isolating small muscle groups.

By working out your whole body 3 times per week, you’ll build more muscle and burn more abdominal fat sooner. Find a good circuit style program, that will get you doing one exercise after another with little rest. This will mean you can get your workout done faster and you will also raise your heart rate, work up a sweat and burn more belly fat.

A 1000 crunches doesn’t work!

Perform crunches only in the 15-30 rep range for 3 sets 2 times per week. Anymore isn’t necessary, as the belly fat exercises are good for building core strength, but overworking them will give you the opposite effect and just make your stomach look bigger.

Instead of more ab exercises opt for at least 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Cardio training 3 times per week. where you vary your intensity level throughout the 20 minutes, meaning your body works harder in a shorter period of time, and you burn just as many calories as you would in a slower 45 minute cardio session.

Eat to lose abdominal fat faster!

The best eating plan in the world to lose belly fat is full of fibrous vegetables and lean protien sources such as lean meat and fish. Ad a little starchy carbs such as wholegrain pasta and rice to the mix every now and then, together with healthy fats such as a tablespoon or two of olive oil to your salads daily, and you’re on a winner. These belly fat exercises WON’T work unless you get the your diet right!


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