How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat – Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Are you struggling to burn belly fat? Millions of people all over the world face this problem. Even people, who are not overweight, find it very difficult to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

How How to Burn Stomach Fat and Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

1. Stupid common mistakes to avoid- starving yourself and not drinking enough water. This doesn’t help – and it is not a long term measure. You will end up piling the weight back on by shoving the food you’ve been avoiding. This is not about enjoying life. 

2. In descending order just like a nutrition label, drink plenty of water, shoot for 2 grams of protein per kilograms based on your lean mass weight. If this is complicated use your realistic goal weight. And stop thinking all fat is enemy – it’s not. Get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. You can try Flaxseed – 1 tablespoon per 45 kg of lean mass body weight. However, avoid trans-fat like the plague. Check the ingredient list – and if the label says hydrogenated put it back on the shelf. 

3. Talking about eating fresh foods, why not try eating 3 apples a day, every day. Not only is it a great healthy snack – it can keep your tummy satisfied in between the meals. 

4. Lifestyle assessment – Losing weight on a diet should not be a “Fad” it needs to be a lifestyle change. Changing the way you eat and understanding the types of food you consume needs to be reviewed. Eat foods with less calories in them, and never eat more than one serve. By eating smarter and healthier, your body fat will reduce. 

5. Change your habits in stages. Allow yourself plenty of time to make small changes to your eating habits, such as choosing reduce fat milk instead of full fat milk. When you’re comfortable with this, make another change. For example, snack on fresh fruit rather than biscuits. The same goes for activity. Gradually increase the intensity and the amount of physical activity you do each day. Find activities that you enjoy. 

6. Try your best to eat plenty of fresh, healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole foods like whole grain rice, beans, legumes and whole oats. Not only do these foods have high fiber content which is great for curbing appetite, these foods will fill you up, and are great for both your immune system and general health. Fresh wholesome foods are one of the best ways to feed your body. 

7. How many of us slip chips and chocolate into our trolley for emergencies? It’s vital to stop buying junk if you want to stop eating junk! Be strong and avoid purchasing extra snacks. You’ll notice that both your grocery bill and snacking habits will start decreasing. If the foods aren’t there, you can’t eat them! 

8. Stay active – go hiking, go for a walk, play your favorite sport – just do something. And when you feel your fitness has improved, look at RAMPING up your intensity to fire up your metabolism! 

9. Get into weight training! Muscles are not only great for men, but beneficial for women too. Weight training alone will not make you bulky. No one has ever woken up to discover that they’ve turned into the hulk overnight. And for women, you just do not have the hormones and muscle tissues to bulk up! In reality, weight training will increase muscle size and help burn fat, making you look leaner and stronger. 

10. Get enough sleep and don’t over stress – Aside from watching your food intake, and exercise, you must find a way to lower your stress levels, and sleep. If you find a situation particularly stressful, find an activity to keep your mind off – like working out. 

Stomach fat will certainly make you miss out on a lot of wonderful things in life. Things that could have given you immense pleasure but you need to hold yourself back due to the stomach fat. So, unshackle yourself from the bondage of stomach fat and go on and lose belly fat.


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