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Kettlebells are great for weight loss and are very versatile to use. They take up very little space, so can be great for home workouts. They are also fairly inexpensive compared to some gym machines. All you need is a couple of kettlebells and a workout and you are ready to go, for burning fat with kettlebells. Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is a scientifically designed weight loss and strength training program built around using the kettlebell for weight resistance.

Kettlebell Burn is a workout program designed to boost your strength and endurance and also help you to burn fat by the use of special type of exercise equipment. One of the best things relating to this program is the fact that they are going to offer you five different techniques that will guarantee the maximum fat loss when using kettlebells.

The program was designed to help you accomplish the goals of losing excess body fat and building a base of lean, strong muscle. Workouts are varied. You will not spend a half hour doing swings for 6 weeks. Those kinds of programs lose your interest too fast to be effective. Lean muscle mass will increase in both volume and density while adipose tissue will be reduced.

Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is a pretty comprehensive system with five different modules, all targeting different areas of fitness. To ensure that you target all the vital areas of your body, the training program is divided into three sections to help you attain your goals. Using the Kettlebell Burn training program will enhance your strength and help you to have a more muscled and toned physique. Kettlebell Burn 2.0 claims that it has five different strategies that basically guarantee that you’ll get the most fat loss possible from using kettlebells. The strategies they use incorporate a few different philosophies, they produce the following five strategies:

- Lift Heavy

- Lift Explosively

- Eliminate Weak Links

- Manage Fatigue

- Elevate The Metabolism

The Kettlebell Burn training program is not like regular training programs and as such, many will become overwhelmed by this program. What you need to keep in mind is that though the program might seem scary at first, once you have an open mind you will see how effective the program really is, if you are looking for a training program that not only helps you to burn fat but enhances your endurance and strength as well, then Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is just the training program you need.

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Module 1: Training Plan ($297 Value) – This is the “meat and potatoes” of Kettlebell Burn 2.0. Inside is 16 weeks of fat-burning workouts that allow you to measure success each and every workout.

I routinely charge $250 per month for customized program design. After 20,000+ hours of personal training, I have a “good feel” for exactly what works, and what doesn’t. My programs deliver results. Period.

::::GN-KB2.0-Spiral-3.jpg Module 2: Exercise Index ($39 Value) – Here are the exercises you’ll perform, pictures of how to perform them, and detailed descriptions of how to perform them, including expert cues to shortcut your learning curve.
::::GN-KB2.0-Spiral-3.jpg Module 3: Fat Burning Nutrition Plan ($97 Value) – Talk about “meat and potatoes” – this is the real deal. Almost 20 years of “in-the-trenches” nutrition distilled into a simple system that allows you to burn fat immediately – customized for you.
::::GN-KB2.0-Spiral-3.jpg Module 4: Nutrition Journal ($19 Value) – Accountability to yourself. That’s a major factor in the success of any fat loss program. Anybody who’s made dramatic changes in their appearance has used this method. In fact it’s EXACTLY what I used to get to 3.3% body fat! Success leaves clues – follow them!
::::GN-KB2.0-Spiral-3.jpg Module 5: Training Journal ($27 Value) – Another major factor in fat loss is the ability to do more and more work. More work = more calories burned = more fat loss. Simple. This is how you track your ability to do more work each and every workout. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t know where you’re going.
::::GN-KB2.0-Spiral-3.jpg Module 6: Weekly Coaching Email ($197 Value) – One of the major reasons people fail in ever achieving their fat loss goals is they have zero accountability and therefore lose their motivation, and then give up because life gets in the way. This won’t happen to you this time! Each week you’ll receive a motivational email – checking in with you, keeping you on track, and guiding you around pitfalls that will sabotage your progress.No other online training program offers this support.

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