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Mi40XThe MI40x is the best body building system available in the market. MI40-Xtreme, aka the Cell Expansion Protocol, is the next generation of muscle building science and application for massive muscle gain and improved body composition. The name of the program comes from Mass Intelligence, the number 40 refers to 40 days that is the length of “one cycle” of the program, length of sets which is 4 minutes and rest intervals betweens sets and the X stands for Extreme. The total length of the program is 18 weeks from start to finish. The entire program starts with a five minute introductory video. This video helps get you started with the program quickly and easily. The author himself, Ben, will walk you through the program, so you know how and where to begin. Ben has been in the bodybuilding game for a long time and he is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder with wins from Mr. Canada and several other good positions from different bodybuilding shows. Ben has been helping people to get in shape for a while since he’s been a personal trainer for many years. And he also claimed that he invented the cutting edge training technique called C.E.P.

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At the core of the Mi40X workout is a method known as ‘Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP)’ that makes use of satellite cells which are manufactured by your body to repair muscle damage after workouts. By ‘tricking’ your body into producing more satellite cells than traditional training, it boosts your recovery rate and your muscle growth rate at the same time – because muscles grow during the recovery period following a workout. In the Mi40x CEP training workout this destructive crisis stage is cleverly avoided by using a simple but highly effective 4 minute strategy that actually forces every cell in the muscle into hyper recovery mode by selective stimulation which in turn promotes rapid muscle growth.

The most incredible part of the program is to get rid of the unwanted, unwelcomed and ugly body fat. This technique reveals the most amazing technique to get more muscle faster and burn body fat for fuel. The program focuses on exerting a specific amount of stress to the muscles during workouts. This process helps stimulate the muscle cells, leading to the activation and production of more nuclei. This will then lead to the reduction of body fat, increased muscle growth, and immense improvements in one’s strength.Exercise Execution Guide: The execution guide covers dozens and dozens of different exercises and workouts that you’ll be following during the program. The author demonstrates every movement so that you know the proper form and technique.Workout Sheets: Several worksheets are available that you can download and print, so you can track your progress along the way. There are over 100 detailed videos for the exercises in MI40-X. They explain every cue and tip Ben has to offer to make sure you get the most out of every single rep. Ben demonstrates the revolutionary training technique of the Cell Expansion Protocol for all the applicable exercises and gives specific instructions to perform each rep optimally. Another positive quality to these videos is that they can be adjusted depending upon your knowledge level. For example, you can adjust the videos for beginners, intermediate trainers, and advanced. In addition, every workout routine and cycle is strict. You’ll need to dedicate yourself and put your all into the program. Those who are not able to commit should find another program to work with. But, if you are ready to truly do your best, then this program provides you with excellent returns that you can completely enjoy from.

The Mi40x CEP training helps to strip away all the unwanted fat from your body. You can do a lot better from the guy who do hours of cardio, hoping to see an ab one day. But with CEP, you don’t need cardio and you don’t need to overdo on the diet. The CEP training nutrition plan is a simple guideline to help you eat all what you want, while keeping on building your muscle and getting rid of the unwanted body fat. It will cover every meal of every phase just like the calculators do but will actually tell you specifically what foods to eat, when, and how much. 7 Day Detox: The detox is recommended when you first started. This will cut out a lot of bad food a week, and help kick-start your body to lose weight and build muscle faster. Supplement Guide: Within the supplement guide, you’ll find a massive amount of supplements that are recommended. But the author does mention to you don’t need to take all of these products if you’re not a professional bodybuilder. Instead, he walks through what products to take depending on your goals.

Ben offers email support as part of the plan too, so you will find that you’re getting the necessary help in the form of support and forums. Immense value for money is owed to having all the benefits of a personal trainer from the very moment you decide to purchase this refined, concise edition of a bodybuilding index. Those who choose this program are able to effectively burn muscle fat, make massive gains within short workout periods, and to safely improve and enhance the body. The blueprint is simple to go through, but it may take some time for you to fully grasp the workout routines and to incorporate them into your day. Regardless, you’ll be able to achieve massive results once you nail it all down. The MI40X is your answer to gaining the best and biggest muscles while stripping off your excess body fat. Whether you have a slim body or even an overweight body the MI40X is the only program that will transform your body from today.

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