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Mi40XThe Mi40x is a workout program that was created by Ben Pakulski to help persons training to gain lean muscles. The program is often employed by pro athletes or maybe beginners who are just hitting the gym for the primary time. ​This CEP training program (specially in video & pdf format) does not just help you to gain muscles over a period of weeks. It also helps you to quickly burn fats as fast as you gain your muscles. The program uses a state-of-the-art muscular development technique called cell expansion protocol that focuses on the stimulation of the assembly of satellite muscle cells within the body resulting in rapid muscle development. The program is meant to mix simple and effective workouts, a nutritional diet, and health supplements to realize total muscle growth while at an equivalent time reducing fat content within the body. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny, the program is meant to assist develop muscle mass while at an equivalent time significantly reducing the fat content within the body.

The program uses cutting edge muscle development technique called the Cell Expansion protocol that focuses on stimulating the production of satellite muscle cells in the body leading to rapid muscle development. The Mi40x contains a number of 1 hour weight training sessions that each have about 3-8 weight training techniques. The technique is by far one of the easiest, fastest and most importantly healthiest muscle development techniques in the market right now. The program is designed to combine simple and effective workout, nutritional diet and healthy supplements to achieve total muscle growth while at the same time reducing fat content in the body. The program comes with video demonstrations, complete workout guides, nutritional and supplement guides also as a FAQ section where users can get help with whatever they have. The CEP library has all the workouts that will help you gain every muscle in the right places of your body. The demo videos are easy to follow and can be done even by beginners. All that is required is for you to follow the workout as Ben Pokulski demonstrates it.

It helps to gain pounds of muscles much faster than traditional methods of weight training (200% much faster). This highly targeted technique causes your muscles to go in hyper recovery, that is to compensate with growth at a faster rate caused by the production of myo-satellite helper cells. Basically, the impressive growth rate causes such a metabolic boost that you actually burn fat while building muscle at the same time, making you ripped as well as big at the same time. It requires no lifting of heavy weights, or spending a lot of time in the gym. There is no strict diet plan, or cardio required to get results. Although thus far the program has largely been purchased by men, fitness experts also agree that the Mi40x are often relatively suitable for bodybuilding women or maybe those that are keen on reducing fat content within the body and developing some quality muscles. MI40X is not for everyone as it will require immense dedication and discipline. You need to take the program seriously and do daily workouts. If you only work out casually then this program is not for you. By following the program precise and you might experience irreversible results.

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