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Old school new bodyOld School New Body is a fitness program that helps users achieve optimal weight loss and a well toned physique. This program is unique as it caters to a neglected niche of the 40 year old and above. The program takes into consideration all the aspects of attaining physical fitness at this age. It features several important methods of training our bodies to get back into great shape we used to enjoy during our growing up years. Targeted at enhancing peoples’ youthfulness, it helps them regain their overall vitality and strength.

Old School New Body comprises of all the important details you may need to naturally reverse the ageing process and look younger once again. The program was designed by Steve and Becky Holman, both in their 50s and looking incredibly well. Their goal is to help you have a younger body, by tightening up your muscles and getting rid of those hard to shed pounds. The program comprises a unique combination of nutrition and a workout plan that only 90-minute routines per week.

Old School New Body was developed based on using specific exercise to gain muscle and lose weight. Through what he learned in his experience with old school trainers, Steve and his wife have finally come up with a simple strategy that can help you lose weight and also slow aging, which they call the ‘Focus 4 exercise protocol’, or in short F4X. The actual program used by this old school new body is the F4X workout which is divided into three phases. Phase one starts with fat burning routines that will get rid of unwanted fat. The second phase of old school new body focuses in muscle development and toning. The serious body-building happens in phase three. This part is optional and only few women opt to continue to this phase.

Old School New Body focuses extensively on eating healthy, training hard and using the natural processes for achievement of fitness goals. As it doesn’t involve consumption of any harmful drugs or medicines, it is completely safe. The program also comes with a diet plan, which allows you to eat tasty dishes and continue to enjoy eating. By following both these aspects, you will be able to get healthy and fit, and have a younger, more rejuvenated body. This specialized product also comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee. Old school new body program could easily be purchased online using several modes of payment and then downloaded into the computer or any gadget.

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