Shapeshifter Yoga Review: Does ShapeshifterYoga Really Work?

ShapeShifter YogaShapeshifter Yoga is a yoga program created to help your body achieve a lean and toned figure while improving your posture and flexibility. The program was developed by Kris Fondran who has specialized in yoga training for the past ten years and holds a masters degree in exercise science. In addition to that, she also holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology making her a more trusted and perfect person to create a yoga guide program. This program is mainly designed for beginners who find performing yoga a difficult task. The plan works by gently stimulating your body through a progression of yoga moves without the high-impact stresses on joints typical of cardio. With regular practice of these yoga moves one can easily lose weight and increase muscle mass, increase body flexibility, concentration, memory sharpness, and focus.

Kris tested just one of her yoga flows and discovered that 10 minutes of her yoga burns the same calories as jogging! The Shapeshifter Yoga comes with a quick Start Manual, a Yoga Pose Video Library, a Yoga Program Video, an everyday flow follow along video, a yoga pose manual and ‘at a glance’ wall charts. It also includes a good number of proven strategies such as the Half Locust that is used to sculpt, tone and shape the muscles found in the tummy, but, thighs and arms; these are the areas where fat commonly deposits itself and stubbornly refuses to leave. It helps you to lower cortisol so as to stop weight gain resulting from stress eating. The exercises and poses that have been listed in this program let one understand how the body works and get to have a better understanding of the relationship between exercise and food which in turn helps one lose fat and get to fall in love with their body once again.

If you are ready to…

Lose the extra flab without killing yourself on cardio equipment

Increase your feeling of well being

Increase your self-image, self-confidence, and self-awareness

Become more flexible

Get a toned, sexy body

Sleep better at night

and make sex even better…

Then Shapeshifter Yoga is right for you!

This program uses yoga methods for the purpose of burning fat and increasing body metabolism, which the author claims is equivalent to the effects produced by intense gym workouts. One important aspect of this program is the focus on lowering cortisol levels to offset the ill effects of the modern lifestyle, as cortisol has been proven to have a dramatic impact on blood sugar spikes, with a knock-on effect on fat storage. It has been proven by many studies and surveys, conducted by numerous institutions, that Yoga has many positive effects on the body. Yoga is a complete science of wellness and works both externally, and internally. It elevates the mood and makes you feel much lighter. Shapeshifter Yoga brings you all those benefits in a more accessible form.

When you purchase the program, you get:

A quick start manual: The manual helps you understand how to use the program correctly. It outlines things to be avoided for you to achieve the best results while doing Shapeshifter Yoga.

A yoga pose video library: It is a collection of the various yoga poses and a guide to doing them correctly. The videos explain individual poses and the muscles it affects.

The full-length Shapeshifter Yoga program video: The set also includes the shapeshifter yoga program videos, which has all the 32 poses in one video and gradually takes you through each one in sequence.

The Everyday Flow follow-along video: Contained here is an all round workout that can be completed in minimal time. Suited for women who have very busy schedules, it is designed to get you maximum results and in as little as 10 minutes per day.

Written Manual for poses: If you are someone who prefers written manual over video lessons this is something made for you. This written manual explains to you how to perform poses shown in the video library along with ShapeShifter Yoga YouTube.

“At a Glance” wall charts: This is comprised of two printable charts they will help you keep with the program and will also ensure you don’t forget any of the routines. The first chart outlines all 32 of the poses, while the second chart includes all of the poses in the Shapeshifter Everyday Flow.

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