TACFIT Commando Book Review – Tacfit Commando Scam

Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando Bodyweight workout routine is really a very revolutionary method created by one of the most popular workout professionals worldwide, Scott Sonnon. Rather than concentrating on the visual portion of bodybuilding such as a lot of all other instructors do that simply assists in order to enhances the appearance yet not the specific physical fitness of your body, Scott on the other hand operates in direction of creating workouts which could improve flexibility of motion as well as improve basic strength simultaneously.

The program is the creation of Scott Sonnon, noted trainer, and is used by various elite outfits all over the world, including units in the Israeli army, anti-terrorism squads, bodyguards, law enforcement agencies, and martial art fighters.

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Though its main purpose is to increase your physical ability, this program is also undoubtedly will help you to burn your fat with its intense routine, and definitely will also help you to build your muscle, only those are not the main objective of the program, you can consider it as a positive side effect of the training. The success rate of the program is measured by how far you have increased your strength, durability, flexibility, and speed after you follow the program.

This is a program made up entirely of bodyweight exercises. You don’t need any equipment for any of the workouts. In addition, as the schedule of soldiers is tight, the workouts are very short. They make up for it in their intensity. The workouts in this program can be very challenging for someone who’s used to standard weight lifting. They involve a lot more movement, flexibility, and core strength.

These workouts weren’t created to help anyone look better, lose a bit of body fat, or build bigger muscles. Soldiers are people who depend on their body for their very survival. They have to be in tiptop shape to perform 110% on the battlefield. This is why Tacfit Commando exercises are focused on improving physical ability, not look. Yes, you will burn a lot of body fat and build that hard, lean, and athletic figure, but this will happen as part of the process, not as its main focus.

Tacfit Commando is a comprehensive workout program that has four levels of intensity, no intensity, low intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity. With this specification you can adjust the exercise according to your condition. Just like other ripped body workout programs, Tacfit Commando also provides you with great dietary guidelines.

Overall Tacfit Commando by Scott Sonnon is very comprehensive and unique program that will help you to push your body and mind to the level of elite fighters, Special Op forces, Seals and undercover spies. If you want a new way to workout, burn a lot of body fat, and feel like a special ops soldier, I recommend trying this program out. However, expect a real challenge.

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