The Truth about Cellulite (Beyond Cellulite) Discloses Joey Atlas’ Complete Cellulite Removal Method

The Truth about CelluliteThe Truth About Cellulite (Beyond Cellulite), also known as the Kick Butt Cellulite Redux program promises the best method available to reduce cellulite through exercise. The said guide is written by Joey Atlas, also known as “Cellulite Slayer” in order to help women get back into shape and feel confident about themselves. Specializing in women body enhancement, Atlas developed this technique specifically to remove cellulite by revealing tight, firm, and smooth skin on target areas after a few weeks. Causes of cellulite formation are currently still unknown and some claims state that it’s part of the genetic code. Others claim that it occurs because of lack of fruit and fibers. Whatever the causes, it is known that once cellulite appears, there are no magic cures to make it go away. The author is a fitness guru who spent his time aiding women overcome the psychological and physical impact of cellulite. He is a holder of Master’s Degree in Exercise Psychology, so potential customers will have assurance that his book will provide information and tips based on science. With Atlas’ experience and knowledge in the field, his book has helped several women around the world in eliminating and getting rid of cellulite.

This plan is based on a series of very simple and logical steps that have unbelievably effective results. It begins by illustrating to the users which fatty foods cause the greatest harm in terms of cellulite formation and should therefore be cut down at a priority basis in order to achieve the desired results. In order to compliment the resulting fat loss, a special workout program has been designed which would specifically target and tone up the female problem areas. Truth About Cellulite guide briefly yet clearly explains the different ways on how women can achieve a sexy body by simply eliminating cellulite bumps and dimples. It also presents the natural solutions in curing cellulite, a skin condition which appears like a scar tissue and resembles with a cheeses that spreads throughout the specific parts of the body particularly the abdomen. According to the guide, two of the reasons why it occurs are due to hormonal imbalance and toxins. The complete Truth About Cellulite system comes with daily meal plans, a food diary and exercise log, a grocery list, the toxin avoidance handbook, and the Truth About Cellulite Cookbook. Inside the system, users will learn the underlying causes of cellulite, why women are affected by cellulite much more than men, the reasons popular cellulite reduction methods don’t really work, and much, much more. Through this complete system, users will know what they need to do to fix the causes of cellulite and finally get rid of it.

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