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Visual Impact Muscle BuildingVisual Impact Muscle Building is created by Rusty Moore. Rusty is a Psychology degree holder from the University of Washington and is currently a fitness researcher, fitness author, and fitness blogger. His fitness blog ( has a strong following and the accompanying Facebook page has 27,000+ likes (as of this writing) full of activity and discussions. Visual Impact Muscle Building is tailored to men. But due to an overwhelming number of requests Rusty, modified the program for his female readers and has created Visual Impact for Women. There’s a specific Visual Impact for women called “Visual Impact for Women – A workout for the Slim Feminine Physique”. Therefore, the Visual Impact Muscle Building is suitable for everyone, no matter genders or ages.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building program is divided into three e-books as: Main course, Exercise Demos Manual and Printable charts. The course has an initial focus on building muscle fast but it the right kind of lean, well distributed muscle mass. This is followed by a phase that focuses on hardening up the muscle and a third phase to build muscle density. The meat of the program is a detailed 72 page no fluff workout manual. To help you transform your body and get that fitness model look Rusty has broken the program into different phases. Each of the 3 phases lasts approximately 8 weeks. Added all together it makes a 6 month program. In addition there is a bonus phase which is pretty cutting edge.

Phase 1: Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy – Phase one focuses on rapid muscle growth to the areas that need it most. This is equivalent to the Chest Sculpting Beginner’s Program. It’s about growing muscle and losing fat in the quickest, easiest way possible.

Phase 2: Increase Muscular Density – Phase two focuses on a hybrid of muscle growth and muscle density training. In this phase, strength and muscle gains are the focus. Rusty draws from his own experience here to show you 4 different forms of hybrid training on pages 20 and 21. With hybrid training, your muscles continue to grow at a slower rate, while you increase muscle density to improve the way you look.

Phase 3: Max Density And Definition – In Phase III, you’re pushing for raw strength with super heavy weights, low reps and long rest intervals. This will increase the ‘neurogenic tone’ of your muscles, where your muscles are in a partially contracted state at rest. In this phase, heavy weights are introduced with low reps, and body fat will be shredded as muscles start to reveal themselves. Phase three focuses on pure muscle density training in addition to intense fat loss workouts – this is gonna reveal insane muscle tone.

Bonus Phase – This phase is also called as the Shrink Wrap Effect and it is a unique feature of this muscle building program. This phase will emphasize more on gaining muscles fast while burning more fats. Its goal is to simply tighten the skin to look more lean. It is the most unique muscle gaining program. It is so special to other workout programs because most programs only focus on gaining muscle and weight loss without considering the beautiful and creative aspect of it. It is the best program for a guy that wants a sexy, attractive, well-toned body.

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program is a unique muscle gaining and body building program for creating lean muscle mass in just the right places so that you finally get a visually stunning body. Because of this system’s focus on creating a “Hollywood look”, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals quicker than by using any other weight loss or muscle building method. The uniqueness of this program is that it offers advanced techniques on how to build your muscles and explains the variables and factors involved in making your skin shrink-wrapped around your muscles so that you can get that ultra-lean look. You will also find strategies on how to build density in your abs and ways to make your chest look like an armor plate instead of having typical rounded bodybuilder pecs. You will learn the secrets on how to build rock hard muscles that look great from any angle and during anytime of the day.

The Visual Impact program provides exercisers with a different approach to body building and muscle gain. That’s because it can offer a unique way to look attractive. This system guarantees that people can have well-defined and lean bodies, and these results will last for a long time. Visual Impact Muscle Building is one of the best programs that help you to achieve the beauty of your muscle and improve your health and muscle strength as well. Refund Policy: Backed by a free 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money back guarantee.

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