Visual Impact Muscle Building review – Does it work or is it a scam?

Visual Impact Muscle BuildingVisual Impact Muscle Building Written by Rusty Moore, a professional fitness consultant with many years of experience, the Visual Impact Muscle Building system is a 6 month muscle building training program designed to assist you gaining muscles in a method that creates a sharp body with hard, full muscles. Following the established bodybuilding nutrition and training principles will help you build muscle. But, if you are using the common bodybuilding approach to get a muscular body, from the beginning of your program you’ll be geared towards adding muscle like a bodybuilder.

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This program shows people the reason why losing extra fat is the first thing they need to do before building muscle mass. People will also learn a detailed, revolutionary diet plan that can help them lose up to 10-12 or more within just 15 days. Finally, this program offers a special “3-day-per-week” workout routine that is especially designed for busy women or those people who just want to perform the workouts less than 4 times per week. This course will teach you the advanced techniques you need to know to get all the above. The main informational part is 72 pages long, and it will teach you everything you need to know to create the look you want. There are 15 chapters that cover everything from the 2 main types of muscle growth to how to build mass on the upper body only. The course allows users their choice of resistance exercises in order to achieve these results whether the prefer bodyweight exercises, kettlebell training, free weights, or machines. In addition to the main training manual which details Moore’s three phase fitness plan, customers also receive a 227 page book of exercise demonstrations and printable workout charts.

VIMB is split up into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This is equivalent to the Chest Sculpting Beginner’s Program. It’s about growing muscle and losing fat in the quickest, easiest way possible.

Phase 2: Increase Muscular Density. Once you’ve achieved the right amount of muscle SIZE with Phase I, you switch gears to Phase II and start building in some muscle density. This phase is about making strength and muscle gains. The amount of high rep work is cut down so you’ll be lifting more in the 5 rep range. This phase will still have you building new muscle, but it will be in a slightly different way. You’ll be lifting heavier, and getting ready to transfer into phase three of the program.

Phase 3: Max density and Definition. This is where you begin to lift super heavy weights (anywhere from 2-5 reps) and where you really begin shedding off any body fat and reveal your muscles.

In this phase, heavy weights are introduced with low reps, and body fat will be shredded as muscles start to reveal themselves.

Last, Rusty includes a report on supplements which he actually went to great lengths to create. He interviews exerts in the supplement industry and actually examines the scientific evidence behind supplements. He is honest in his portrayal of supplements, in that he admits you don’t need them, and that the vast majority are a waste of time. It should be noted that you don’t need supplements for Visual Impact.

Visual Impact Muscle Building BooksVisual Impact Muscle Building promises to help give muscle a dense and an angular look as opposed to a pudgy and rounded look. It does this by teaching you how to gain muscle density and size in a balance that creates the ultimate masculine look. If you have the goal of getting lean, strong, and attaining a Hollywood body then with your own consistent workouts and dedication to a simple healthy eating plan the Visual Impact Muscle Building course is the only one that will, without a doubt, enable you to achieve it.

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