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Her Yoga SecretsYoga Burn was created by Zoe Bray Cotton and is a 12 week fitness program for women. Her primary aim is to empower women by practicing guided yoga workout for weight loss and gain back their ideal size or shape. It’s a Unique Yoga Program – Why it’s unique as this course is completely dedicated to the women. there are a lot of yoga program out there but Zoe’s Her Yoga secret is the best selling amongst all for a reason. Other yoga program uses exercises together with cardio which makes them complicated and hard to do. Getting back in shape and maintaining your weight become easy with burn yoga. It also works in dealing with mental goals like achieving peace, lowers stress and maintaining a Sharpe and refreshed the mind. It isn’t just a yoga DVD it’s truly an approach towards a better health and a better way of living.

The core 12-week body shaping course – this includes 3 phases, the 3 important phases of yoga burn program i.e the foundation, transition, and the mastery is so well ordered that it makes the exercises challenging, effective and interesting. Each phase consists of 3 videos with a bonus video to be done within a week and repeat the same over 4 weeks for to get maximum results from the yoga burn program. The workouts are structured in a particular way called Dynamic Sequencing, a fancy term to describe the seamless sequence of the different body moves done at the right time with the right intensity in order to elicit an intense, yet relaxing workout just as easy on your joints as effective for boosting metabolism, flatten your belly, perking up your booty, and reshaping your body, while spurring fat loss hormones as well as restoring physical and mental well being. The dynamic sequencing techniques combine yoga poses and powerful sequences to increase muscle flexibility and strength. Your body will naturally adapt to this yoga burn program as you master the sequences that come in correct order and duration of time.

Yoga as effective as it is, doing it in a wrong way can affect your overall health very badly. To avoid all that, Yoga Burn Challenge comes as a complete solution for you to burn your excess body weight and improve your metabolism. You don’t have to be an experienced person with yoga to follow this program. Even if you are entirely new to the whole yoga thing, you will be able to follow the instructions properly and do your share of yoga every day efficiently. On the contrary to the other programs for body transformation and weight loss, the yoga burn booty challenge does not ask you to add supplements in addition to complete the application. The program saves your money and time in the gym and on the teacher because you do not need any specialized training or equipment for following this one. Yoga Burn comes with a complete 60 Days Money-Back policy i.e try it for 60 days. If it doesn’t work for you, just email them and get the money refunded without any further questions asked.

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