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369 Manifestation Code369 Manifestation Code is a digital program that is designed to train your brain to unlock to attain unrestricted financial freedom. The program contains audio tracks that help your subconscious mind to reach its full potential and delete negative thoughts. The idea of the 369 manifestation code is based on the beliefs of Nikola Tesla, the most outstanding scientist ever to exist. What many people don’t know about him is that he is a “master of manifestation.” He believed that the ideas and inspirations he gets came from the universe and not his mind. He also felt that one could achieve more wealth and abundance by connecting with the universe with the right frequency. And, it can be through these three magnificent numbers. Moreover, Tesla was obsessed with the idea that he lived only in rooms and floors with these numbers. He also quoted this teaching by saying – “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, then think it in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

369 Manifestation Code was created by Darius, known for his success in manifestation, and people take advice from him to manifest their desired dreams. Many peoples take help from him, and they are now living a happy life. Darius gets the audio track from one of his friends, which involves a 369Hz powerful frequency. After listing to the track, he noticed a significant change in his life and hence decided to share it with other people who are passing through hard times and want to live a stress-free life. This idea is also backed up by scientific research. According to the Harvard Gazette, in a study conducted, the students with alpha brain wave rhythm were more good at their decision-making abilities. The brain waves define our reality. These brain waves guide all our thoughts and behaviors. So, listening to these audio tracks included in the 369 manifestation code alters our reality and shapes our experiences. Moreover, 369 hertz is associated with the cleansing of chakras, essential for our health and survival. Besides, it helps us achieve our dreams and goals. These waves also help us reach a clearer state of mind and get the universal messages to achieve a perfect life.

The 3 step process of the 369 Manifestation Code manifestation program are: Step 1: Take some time to relax and listen for ten minutes to the vibration-altering sound. Step 2: Let yourself enough time to enter the Alpha Brain Wave Pattern, which will automatically happen at the regular hearing of these audio tracks. These audio waves deeply enter your subconscious mind, eliminating unwanted thoughts and improving your positive thoughts. Step 3: Take some time to allow the thinking patterns and new vibrations to take hold in your mind and manifest a new reality without any effort. The sound frequency is based on the science behind numbers 3, 6, and 9, which helps to manifest fast and remove negative thoughts from the mind. The program includes a soundtrack that includes frequencies of 369 Hz. You just need to listen to the soundtrack for 10 minutes for 10 days. After using the frequency, you will feel the change in your thoughts, behavior, personality, and daily affair. After using this program, you will notice results in only 10 days. Throughout the ten days, you will not need to acquire new knowledge, make physical efforts or get into any boring visualization techniques. Your ability to manifest lies in how well your mind connects to the universe. According to the 369 Manifestation Code, your mind and the universe are the sources of all abundance and wealth; by visiting the official website, you can start today.

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