369 Manifestation Code reviews: it’s a SCAM?

369 Manifestation CodeEveryone wants to be happy, wealthy, and have a peaceful life. Without happiness there is no good health. Without good health it’s difficult to make wealth. A person with bad health needs money for treatment. Only good health can keep a person happy. Wealth also, plays a vital role in keeping a person happy. :P ) Everyone wants to have financial independence and enough money to buy anything they want. However, reality proves that obtaining this kind of money is not as easy as one thinks, and you have to work very hard to get the amount you need to get this accomplished. With this combination, you can get access to financial independence and never have to worry about not having enough money. By linking these numbers, someone could allegedly find the secret to a happy, rich life. A manifestation program works when you follow some straightforward steps.

The 369 Manifestation program was developed by Darius and he called the program Tesla Manifestation. According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts directly affect your reality. Just take some time to relax and listen to the vibrating altering audio for ten minutes. The soundtrack is based on the concept of Tesla frequency of 369 and it contradicts all other traditional manifestation programs. 369 Manifestation Code includes 369 Hz frequency that is also known as universe or healing frequency. 369Hz is a powerful frequency that activates the alpha brain state. According to the creator, thousands of people notice changes in their lives with the help of this program. Allow some time to make your mind adapt to the Alpha brain wave pattern on a deep level. The soundwaves alter your thoughts and create an inner peace, helps to get rid of negative thoughts and lowers stress and anxiety. Enjoy the beautiful track, and experience Alpha Brain Waves hit slowly to your brain. Listen to the track in a peaceful environment, try to flush out all negativity from the body, and feel light once again. Sometimes, to allow thinking patterns and new vibrations that hold the mind to manifest reality. By repeating this process repeatedly, you will get completely rid of the bad energies that get in the way of success. Many sound healers use 369 hertz sound frequency to cleanse the root chakra from negative energy and tap into their heart desires. According to the program, this works because your energies and brain waves directly connect to your emotions, and then your emotions turn into reality. Once you are calm, relax, and focus; whatever you desire will start manifesting in your life.

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