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Trucking Made EasyTrucking Mastery was written to help you quickly get up to speed and excel as a professional trucker. You will master trucking in no time at all! After BECOMING A TRUCKER helps you get started on your new trucking career, TRUCKING MASTERY will take you to the next level! This book is really a great collection by the Author of things that he has learned throughout his vast career on the road. The book really is entertaining and you will find yourself laughing at some of the predicaments that come about on this journey/adventure of truck driving. You’ll go way beyond the trucking school basics as you learn what only the best truckers out on the road know. If you’re just curious about trucking, you’ll get a realistic, birds-eye view into the lives of truckers. Seeing the good, the bad, and even the ugly parts of trucking will help you to make a more informed decision about whether a trucking career is for you, and exactly what type of trucking you’d be best suited for.

Truck driving schools teach you a lot about trucking, and are essential in helping you become a successful truck driver. A good trucking school can help you learn basic driving skills, get your CDL, and often help you find a truck driving job. But … most trucking schools don’t teach you enough about life on the road and how to succeed at each step of the trucking job and life. This is not a slam on these schools. It’s just not possible to learn all of what TME teaches in just a few weeks of CDL training. Then, how can YOU succeed? Most drivers had to learn trucking through trial and error. Yes, even me! Some people call this the “school of hard knocks.” The reality is, most truckers take several years to graduate from this school. Even worse, many end up quitting altogether, because trucking, and the road itself, can be tough to endure, let alone master. Becoming a Trucker will start your trucking education. This is a 3 ebook series helping to guide you through the beginning stages of your trucking journey and was written with every future or beginning truck driver in mind.

Whether you’re still deciding on a career in trucking, or you’re a trucker who wants to get more out of the trucking life, you’ll find invaluable information and resources inside to help you in your trucking life. The Trucker’s Guide to Layovers discusses layover activities and resources, including plenty of layover activities truckers can do while on the road. The Trucker’s Life at Home goes into more personal areas of an over-the-road driver’s life. How the job effects a driver’s relationships with his family, how to deal with the time away, and financial issues are a few of the subjects covered. In Truckers Can Be Healthy, you’ll get a real-world view of the typical trucker’s diet and nutrition, and alternatives to their usual truck stop restaurant routine. There’s also a section on self-contained trucking, in which you’ll learn how to save money, time, and your health.

What’s Inside Trucking Mastery

  • You’ll learn trucking success by analyzing complete trips. From leaving your home to making that final delivery, on to the next trip, and finally back home again. You’ll discover how to perform ALL of trucking on the road. And I’ve included ALL the details!
  • You’ll soon be confident and relaxed as you go where others fear to go. You won’t let anything or anyone bother you as you enjoy your drive down the road.
  • You’ll discover the best way to plan for and conquer the big challenges truckers regularly face on the road… big cities, mountain passes, adverse weather conditions, maneuvering around unknown docks, warehouses, construction sites… you name it!
  • You’ll also learn the most efficient ways to prepare for your trips. This includes important trucking equipment and personal supplies. You’ll learn how to map out your trips to save yourself time, fuel, and of course, money!
  • You’ll get advice on subjects you’ll find nowhere else… learn the ins and outs of truck stops across the country. How to find them in the first place, planning ahead and knowing which ones are the best for your needs, which ones to avoid at all costs, how to use your time efficiently and get everything done in the minimum amount of time, and much more.
  • You’ll enjoy your life on the road, full of confidence instead of apprehension at every challenge that comes your way.

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